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Welcome to Chiang Mai Goodlife!

On this website information about the Goodlife in Chiang Mai.
Chiang Mai is a city that is known for the multitude of diverse delights, offers an exciting blend of beautiful natures, historical architectures, and rich cultural heritage.The city’s enduring Lanna (Northern Thai Style) characteristics are evident in the place where surrounded by beautiful scenery in a quaint and tranquil area with friendly people who will be pleased to welcome all tourists and people to retire in Chiang Mai.


Retire in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, also called; “ The rose of the north” has been a popular tourists destination for many decades. Chiang Mai continues to attract tourists from around the world as well as thousands of foreigners looking for a secure retirement destination.

Retirement in Chiang Mai is popular among foreigners thanks to the high standard of health care, affordable housing and cost of living and friendly welcoming locals.

In Chiang Mai you can find everything as in any Western City, but at very low prices. Modern Shopping Malls with cinemas with international movies and restaurants for all tastes. Plenty of well-designed and furnished houses in the countryside or condominiums in town at low monthly/yearly rental costs.

Open markets throughout the city with great products; vegetables, fruit, flowers, clothes, and you name it! Time to bargain for the best prices.

Supermarkets with local and international food & products, like BIGC, Tesco Lotus, Tops, you can find in every area.

Hospitals and clinics with international standards (Bangkok Hospital or Ram Hospital) providing excellent healthcare and support. Most Doctors can speak English and have been studying abroad.

To drive around Chiang Mai and to visit the beautiful surroundings is easy to do, or you can rent a car with a driver!

Unique festivals, spectacular sceneries and the affordable cost of living, Chiang Mai is the place to be!

And if you like to travel throughout Asia, Chiang Mai is the hub with many direct flights and low budget airlines connected to beautiful destinations!