Retirement in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is home to over 27,000 Foreigners! These happy and contented folk people have transitioned their lives from their home country to a warm and sunny Northern Thailand, where they live in peaceful serenity among friendly, caring people with the closeness to nature that is central to the Thai way of life.

But you don’t’ have to give up all you have known to come and join us in beautiful Chiang Mai! We have all the services you are accustomed to in a busy and successful city center, with many international restaurants, supermarkets, communication and financial services – at a fraction of the cost you would pay in your home country!Retirement in Chiang Mai

Thailand is conveniently located in Asia and Chiang Mai Airport has direct air service to all major countries in the region and all cities within the Kingdom of Thailand. All the capitals of the East and West are no more than two flights away.

Most retirees in Chiang Mai lead active lives, discovering the unique cultures of Thailand and its surrounding countries, the local hill tribes, volunteering at the numerous nonprofit agencies, and socializing at the many international clubs and organizations in the area – they are not slowing down but fulfilling many long delayed interests and finding new ones.

When thinking about your retirement in Chiang Mai consider Chiang Mai Retirement Services – we will successfully guide you through the process and seamlessly transition you to a new life in Chiang Mai.

The people behind Retire in Chiang Mai are locals, both Thai and expat, who all share a genuine love for this great city. Our purpose is to act as a bridge between the Thai and the expat community in order to promote cooperative projects between the Chiang Mai Friends Group and other organisations and groups in the city, irrespective of nationality.

We actively encourage people of all nationalities to retire in Chiang Mai, and do our best to help and encourage new arrivals with the process of integration into the local community.

The history and culture of Chiang Mai have been well documented in many publications and on many websites – the Retire in Chiang Mai team are happy to do this in a more personal, targeted and friendly manner. We hope you gain knowledge and information from this site but also, and most importantly, we would love you to experience the warmth and welcome that this ancient yet modern city generously gives out to all who live here. We hope this will help you to decide to come and live here yourself.Retirement in Chiang Mai

With Sincere Regards,

The Chiang Mai Friends Group


Retirement in Chiang Mai


Retirement in Chiang Mai

Retirement in Chiang Mai
Retirement in Chiang Mai

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